Element Smith Design

Last projects


Our designs and creations can now be found in the Dahlonega General Store- Dahlonega, GA. Be on the look out for updates to this information as we continue to expand.


As we grow and transition into a new vision, please be patient with us as we move from solely internet and word of mouth sales to store sales. Our new internet shop will be available soon. As for now, please follow our Facebook Marketplace page, or use the link above..


About us


Element Smith Design is a culmination of all forms of creativity from the heart of Travis Connell.  Whether it be culinary, wood, glass, metal, acrylic, paint, or technology, each design is crafted from a life-long passion to create. No matter the medium of his design, creativity is never a limit. Travis's desire to work in a wide variety of mediums has allowed him to apply an ecclectic array of creations to accomodate the desires of each of his customers. Between original designs and contracted commissions, his work can be found all over Dahlonega, GA and the USA.

See our newest designs in our line of Christmas ornaments. You see these and our other designs and creations on our Facebook Market Place.



Whether you would like to commission us to create something unique and special for you or if you have comments and questions on our products, please send us a message and we will get back to you. Thank you for your support!